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Hi guys tell us what do you do ?

Rice Music is your source for the best new and used musical equipment and instruments in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area.

An abundant inventory of Band Instruments, Drums, PA Equipment, Guitars, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Music Software, and Accessories can be found in stock and on display at two convenient locations.

Rice Music has one of the best equipped and most knowledgeable Band Instrument Repair Departments in Colorado and offers full service on most electronic and acoustic instruments.rice-music
Company Overview

Rice Music has been located in Colorado Springs since 1963. We cater to the needs of all musicians, from the serious stage professional to the beginning band student. .

A Message from Larry & Jean Rice

Our store has always been evolving as the needs and wants of out customers & friends have changed. We’re now approaching the new millenium with new ways to welcome you to our store.

Our Goal

Is to provide you with a one stop solution for all your musical needs,
for both now, and long term as those needs change.

Company Background

When Johnny Smith decided to move from NY to Colorado Springs, he was approached by Ted McCarty to design and endorse a guitar to be built by the Gibson Guitar Company. In exchange, Gibson furnished a music store with merchandise and thus in 1963, Johnny Smith Music was born. After serving Colo Springs and the country for 30 years is was time to explore other things.

Verne Rice (Larry Rice’s father) had a successful band & orchestra repair business in Colo Springs that he had established in 1968. Due to health concerns, Larry moved back to Colo Springs in 1983 along with his wife & partner Jean and together they combined Johnny Smith Music with Verne Rice Repair to form Rice Music.

In 1989 the store was moved to its present (and much larger!) location. In 1996 a second store was established on the East side of Colo Springs.

Johnny Smith and his wife Sandy have continued to be good friends and close consultants. Please check out our Johnny Smith section for more Johnny Smith background.

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Music Artist Part 2


This World Just Won’t Leave You Alone
The Star Room Boys sidle up to the bar stool again for more tales of lovin’, drinkin’ and broken hearts. The band’s second go-round (again produced by David Barbe) offers up another potent brew of traditional country music. Singer/songwriter Dave Marr’s bourbon-soaked vocals are rich with emotions and, like fellow honky tonker Rex Hobart, he turns despair into highly enjoyable songs. So pour yourself a tall, cold one and let these Boys’ woes help you to forget your own troubles.


Golden Age Of Radio
Born in Idaho, but now Rhode Island-based, Josh Ritter’s songs project both a spacious quality and an alluring intimacy. The young singer/songwriter has already received acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic, and with good reason. Although generally quiet and pensive, his music is subtly powerful. He bulks up the hushed Elliot Smith/ Nick Drake-style bedroom troubadouring with an appealing ruggedness. The opening song, “Come And Find Me” epitomizes Ritter’s gentler numbers, while the more rocking title track shows off his grittier side.


Wildfires & Misfires
Lord have mercy! Christmas comes just a couple o’ weeks late for Scorchers devotees with the release of Wildfires & Misfires: Two Decades of Outtakes And Rarities. Bursting onto the scene via Music City, U.S.A. in 1981, Jason and the Scorchers fusion of raucous Stonesy swagger and twangy country roots helped make them purveyors of “alternative country” before the term even existed. This indispensable release contains their first (and best) version of “Absolutely Sweet Marie”, a live take of “Tear It Up” with Link Wray, and their much-bootlegged cover of “Polk Salad Annie”. Other highlights include an unplugged version of “Jimmie Rodgers’ Last Blue Yodel” from ’95, “Fallen Angel”, a studio outtake from Thunder And Fire and “Buried Like A Bone”, a live favorite that was inexplicably left off their A Blazing Grace album.


The Unfortunate Rake (Vol 1)
Hill music from the hills of San Francisco. The Crooked Jades perform their old-timey-based, acoustic-rooted music with such authenticity that it’s difficult to differentiate the originals from the traditionals. While Jeff Kazor and Lisa Berman handle most of the vocal duties, co-producer Richard Buckner also sings and plays on this timeless-sounding record. “The band sets its mood beautifully, modernizing old-timey Appalachian music and skillfully shifting between traditional ballads and rowdy fiddle breakdowns to moodier, more pensive themes.” Lawrence Kay, East Bay Express


That’s All
From 1987 through 1993, Tim Carroll led the NYC-based roots rock combo, the Blue Chieftains. On May 25, 1997, the group reunited for a fabulous night at the now-departed Manhattan bar, Coney Island High. While containing 18 of the 50 songs performed the gig, this disc exudes all of the show’s raucous good times. Besides originals like “A Good Cry”, “A Girl That’s Hip” and “(She Just Knows) Good Rock From Bad”, the band has its way with Dylan’s “She Belongs To Me” and the instrumental classic “Tequila”. They also create two unique medleys: a Velvets/Dolls battle royal “We’re Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together/Personality Crisis” and “Lynyrd Young”, which combines “Sweet Home Alabama” with “Hey Hey My My”. This disc is ragged but real, just like a live album should be.


Get Up and Fall Down
A literate singer/songwriter with a pedigree that includes a stint working at the Library of Folk Culture; Cape Cod bred Tommy Carns’ ‘Get Up and Fall Down’ is a confident and engaging debut. From the chiming opener “To The Rain” which he delivers in a low-key Townes Van Zandt-ish drawl, to the minimal dark-night-of-the-soul title track, to the vintage twang of “Roadkill,” Carns demonstrates a heartfelt and varied vision of Americana


Land of The Living
Louisiana-based singer/songwriter Eric Peters pens lyrics that are spiritually rich and emotionally moving. His soothing vocals meld smoothly with his melodic folk/pop tunes. He nicely spices up his music with touches of fiddle, pedal steel, cello, tin whistle, tablas, Indian dulcimer and Cajun accordion. Peters creates thoughtful songs that stir the mind and catch the ear.


When We Were Small
Homemade coffeecake, ice cream, $2 shoes, strawberry red flower dresses, rollerskates, tricycles – Rosie Thomas’ gentle folk-based tunes are populated with childhood memories, but she never succumbs to sounding precious. Like the faded family snapshots that fill her CD booklet, her songs weave bittersweet emotions with a survivor’s sense of hope. Thomas’ voice, which has raised comparisons to Joni Mitchell, adds a sweet vulnerability to her highly personal songs.


Sleeping On Roads
For a decade, Neil Halstead has been leading bands like Slowdive and Mojave 3. Sleeping On Roads marks his debut solo effort. While the disc retains some of the Mojave 3’s atmospheric sound, it also demonstrates that Halstead is refining his already considerable songwriting skills. Numbers such as “Seasons” and the Peter Bruntnell-like “Hi-Lo And Inbetween” are prime examples of Halstead’s craftsmanship at penning elegant tunes.


Hooray For The Moon
Austinite Jon Dee Graham returned to Los Angeles, where he lived in the early ’90s, to record Hooray For The Moon. While rocking slightly harder than Graham’s earlier efforts, this disc still delivers the rich Americana sound that he has displayed before. “Laredo (small dark something)” is a noir-ish driving song with plenty of horsepower to it, while the Texas ballad, “The Huisache Tree”, shows that he knows how to take it slow too. Graham’s gruff vocals are put to good effect on the Tom Waits cover “Way Down In The Hole”. Rock veterans, drummer Jim Keltner and bassist Mark Andes, anchor the rhythm section, allowing Graham and fellow guitarist Michael Hardwick to do some fretboard magic.


Alone At The Microphone
“Royal City’s music evokes thoughts of Neil Young and Palace, and every so often the spirit of Woody Guthrie also makes an appearance. That’s not to say that Royal City would need to rely on similarities to admired musicians of the present (or past) — they have their own very distinct sound…You can’t help but be completely into Alone At The Microphone from the moment the first chord of “Bad Luck” — a head-nodding piece of bluesy roots music — is struck. From there, the group delves into banjo-laced folk (see the Guthrie-like “Under A Hollow Tree”), harmonica driven tunes (“My Brother Is The Meatman”) and the appropriately melodic (“Spacy Basement”). Lyrically, there’s enough darkness and melancholy to glean a year’s worth of sorrow from, but in the context of its everyman-style matter-of-factness, the music brings feelings of camaraderie in bad times rather than plain old depression.” – Amy Leach, Splendid.com


Group Therapy
It’s been a long siesta for Concrete Blonde. Group Therapy represents the group’s first new album since 1993’s Mexican Moon (not counting their 1997 collaboration with Los Illegals). All three original members (Johnette Napolitano, Jim Mankey and Harry Rushakoff) have reunited to write, play and produce this effort. But the years have scarcely mellowed them. On songs such as “Violent” and “Valentine”, the band still rages with a fiery rock ‘n’ roll spirit. Even the quieter tunes, like the Spanish guitar-accented “Your Llorona” or the moody “Inside/Outside”, are emotionally charged numbers that venture into dark corners of the heart. The trio has returned with a vengeance to make vital, passion-filled music. (If Angie likes it, it must be good <g>)


In Between
The music on Shawn Amos’ second album may fluctuate “in between” several genres, shifting mainly between roots rock, country and introspective singer/songwriter styles. The disc, however, never suffers from a lack of sure footing. The LA-based Amos confidently strides from the twangy jangle of the bittersweet “Sugarsweet” through the blues-edged rocker “Bastard Wind” to quiet, atmospheric “Santa Fe”. His sole cover on this ten-song set is a lively bluegrass workout of the old Zepplin “country” tune “Hot Dog”. In Between stands out as a memorable journey into the valley of soulful Americana.

CAUGHT IN THE WEBB -Tribute To Webb Pierce

Webb Pierce was one of Country’s biggest stars in the ’50s & ’60s and his hits, like “In The Jailhouse Now”, “There Stands A Glass”, “That’s Me Without You” and “Wondering”, have remained popular over the years. It’s no wonder then that this tribute disc attracted artists spanning several generations of country music: from Willie Nelson to Dale Watson, Charley Pride to Robbie Fulks, Crystal Gayle to Alison Moorer. Gail Davies, whose first single was a Pierce tune, spearheaded this tribute, which benefits both the Country Music Hall Of Fame and the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation. Not only does this disc serve as a fine introduction to Pierce’s music, but it also stands as a terrific collection of true-blue country music. Track Listing: In The Jailhouse Now – Dale Watson & The Jordanaires/Slowly – Mandy Barnett/I’m Tired – Charley Pride/I Ain’t Never – Rosie Flores & The Jordanaries/Yes I Know Why – George Jones/If You Were Me – Dwight Yoakam/Wondering – Emmylou Harris/Tupelo County Jail – Robbie Fulks & Joy Lynn White/Back Street Affair – Allison Moorer/Even Tho’ – Matt King/More And More – Crystal Gayle/I’m Walking The Dog – Del McCoury Band/That Heart Belongs To Me – Lionel Cartwright/Honky Tonk Song – Guy Clark & The Jordanaires/Love Love Love – Gail Davies/That’s Me Without You – Willie Nelson/There Stands The Glass – BR549/I Don’t Care – Billy Walker & The Carol Lee Singers/Why Baby Why – Kevin Welch & Deborah Pierce/It’s Been So Long – Trent Summar/No Love Have It – Pam Tillis & The Jordanaires.


Bless You
The follow-up to 1999’s Ventura Whites finds The Court And Spark with a sound more well-honed and an attack more sure-footed. Not to lessen the beauty of the first record, it’s just that it has become apparent that a good band with a great feel just got better with age. Mining a musical vein similar to Tarnation, this Bay Area band crafts a richly textured brand of slo-country that comes to life not from a wash of reverb, or simply just being lethargic, but from extremely tasteful instrumentation. Spectacular usage of lap and pedal steels (courtesy of ex-Go To Blazes guitarist Tom Heyman), uniquely effected guitars and keys, and distinctive underlying percussive touches (including actual hooves) provide vivid coloration. The plaintive and weathered vocals of lead singer and multi-instrumentalist M. C. Taylor are made divine given Wendy Allen’s sweet harmonies. With some musical assistance from the legendary Gene Parsons, The Court And Spark prove they are nothing to sneeze at. BlessYou anyway!


Thedamnwells EP
Their must be something in the water in Brooklyn cause those New York folks are making some great music; like local boys Thedamnweels. Though they have only been a band for a few months, they sound like they grew up together making crunchy guitar pop with a hint of twang; sort of like a rougher Gin Blossoms or Wallflowers. Beginning with the opening track “4th Avenue,” lead singer Alex Dezen Westerberg’s vocals welcome you to a city of heartbreak roots pop with just enough hooks to keep you humming it long after the disc is over. The five-song EP doesn’t come with a track listing on the packaging which is almost forgivable because the songs are so good!


Distance In-between
Picking up where their impressive debut left off, Black Eyed Dog delivers a dozen rough-hewn gems on their sophomore effort. Behind Brian Landrum’s sad-eyed vocals, the band creates music with plenty of bite. Songs like “Straight Drive” and “More Than You Know” ring out as urgent backwood rockers, while the contemplative “Airplane” concludes the disc on a quieter, quite moving note. The great Mitch Easter engineered and mixed this terrific record, which boasts a full, rich sound that’s slightly more hard-edged than their first disc.


Choose Your Fix
Jukebox Junkies’ mainman Marc Dauer pushes some mighty fine high-grade roots-pop. Choose Your Fix lures you in with its opening track, the rugged yet hooky “Sentimental Tattoo”, and keeps you transfixed through the quietly eerie closing cut “Anything”. Before Jukebox Junkies, Dauer was part of the roots-rock unit Five Easy Pieces and played guitar on Pete Yorn’s acclaimed debut. Aided here by such compatriots as Wallflower Rami Jaffee, Dauer deals in tunes that balance a rock urgency with a twangy ease. Take one listen and you’ll find this disc hard to resist.


This Ugly Town
Cast Iron Filter uses elements of southern rock, down-home country and bluegrass to forge their robust sound. This North Carolina band’s small town tales are populated with drinking & driving, drugs & dreams, lingering ghosts & little hope – where a man “wants to leave this town/but he’s not that strong”. Dustin Edge’s powerful vocals and the songs’ urgent drive are nicely balanced with touches of banjo, fiddle, banjo and pedal steel.


Thank You St. Jude
Thank You St. Jude is Peter Case’s heart-felt “thank you” to his fans. His followers will delight in the new versions of old favorites, like “Two Angels”, “Beyond The Blues” and “Travellin’ Light”. The disc also features a new number, “One More Mile” along with a rendition of Sleepy John Estes’ “Someday Blues”. Case is ably assisted on this sparely arranged, emotionally gripping record by longtime compatriot, violinist David Perales. Track Listing: Ice Water/Beyond The Blues/Someday Blues/Put Down The Gun/Two Angels/Ginseng Blues/Hidden Love/Travellin’ Light/Poor Old Tom/Leavin Home/Entella Hotel/One More Mile/4th Of July/Christmas Rag.


Southern Rock Opera
Drive-By Trucker frontman Patterson Hood and his buddy, DBT bassist Earl Hicks, started developing the idea of Southern Rock Opera before the Truckers were even formed. Now a full band effort, this double-disc opus follows the exploits of a Lynyrd Skynyrd-type band, while also relating the story of a young “southern man” growing up in the ’80s and becoming a musician. As you’d expect from the Truckers, this “opera” rocks and rocks hard with a powerful three-guitar attack. But the country-fried tunes also tell a deeply felt tale about Southern Rock, the people who live it, and, most profoundly, the post-1970 South. The nicely illustrated CD booklet contains all the song lyrics along with a prologue and epilogue that amplify the story-line. Kelly Hogan and Dirtball’s Jyl Freed are among the guests here.

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Music Artists Part 1

Something Simple
Brother Trucker frontman Andy Fleming holds true to the disc’s title on their third release. The band’s straightforward, no-nonsense, Midwestern roots-rock sound is the perfect vehicle for Fleming’s character-driven narrative. “For J” has a hint of late era Springsteen in its easy, “driving through the expanse” groove, as the subject muses over a woman: “She can be as quiet as the streets of this town.” It’s Fleming’s heartfelt delivery and strong visual sensibility that stand out. The band is tight and understated too, with additional piano provided by producer David Zollo, who does for …

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It’s Not Enough To Love
Talented singer-songwriter Denise James’ second album is awash in the lush ’60s girl-pop sounds of the Shangri-La’s and the Ronettes. Like an unearthed gem from the Mod era, It’s Not Enough To Love features James’ infinitely rich voice, akin to an amalgam of Petula Clark, Patsy Cline and Neko Case. Her effortless way with a vintage ’60s groove is complemented by great, Pet Sounds-era harmonies from Matthew Smith of the Volebeats. Providing the lead guitar, Hammond organ and trumpet as well, Smith also produced the album with just the right vibe. Engineering by Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Sights) completes the package.

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Use Your Voice
The fourth release from Mason Jennings is a relatively stripped down effort, compared to his 2002 record, Century Spring. And maybe he’s taking the advice of his own record’s title by subduing the musical arrangements and adding presence to his voice. Use Your Voice presents Jennings mostly on acoustic guitar, sparingly accompanied by bass and drums, which works well to support his mischievous and somewhat lackadaisical delivery. Clever and lilting in the most subtle ways, he is a folk troubadour at heart. Songs like “The Ballad Of Paul And Sheila” and “Drinking As Religion” are performed unaccompanied.

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Losing Faith
Is Audrey Auld the big sister of Kasey Chambers or are they perhaps both cut from the same piece of Aussie/Americana cloth? The answer is a little of both. For several years now, Audrey has been the charming foil to Kasey’s dad Bill. It’s a family thing, and Bill helps out here on guitar and some vocal harmonizing. But on Losing Faith, Audrey’s second self-produced solo release, she’s moved away from much of the honky-tonk and traditional country that graced her first release The Fallen. Favouring a more ragged twang and earthier, acoustic-folk/country alongside more rocking, edgier instrumentation, it seems she’s found a new direction. A perfect one, too, which compliments her deep, sorrowful and sometimes humorous material. Like the tongue-in-cheek tribute to classic Nashville songwriting “Next Big Nothing”, which is reminiscent of “Act Naturally”. Again she takes on a Fred Eaglesmith song (“You Did”) and one from Kieran Kane (“Harmony”), on which Kane duets with Auld. Losing Faith is a rich a beautiful album that, from our perspective, restores faith.

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Old Numbers
Amy Carlson, in No Depression, describes this sextet’s debut as a “somber, inviting album that reflects those lonely, hopeless wintry days in a city full of broken hearts, dead dreams and bittersweet memories.” While that could describe Any(cold)town, USA, the town in question here is Minneapolis. Lead by singer/songwriter Dan Richmond, this blend of alt-country and Americana has been self-dubbed “apartment music” which reflects the aesthetic and head-space of the artist. His vocal adds a quality of pained desperation to songs like “Disaster”, “The One Your Closest To”, “Country Bar” and “Southern Wedding”. He finds some hope in others, but over all, Old Numbers adds up to an even measure of melancholy.

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Ditch Lily
This is the second disc from this Athens, GA group comprised of members who perform with (or have at one time) 6 String Drag, Widespread Panic, Star Room Boys and The Drive-By Truckers. Again working with producer David Barbe (ex- Sugar), Barbara Cue forge ahead with a good-time Americana sound that touches on Southern rock and country-pop ala Skynyrd, The Band and NRBQ. Vic Chesnutt sings guest lead on the track “Lagoon”, which he wrote, along with background vocal assistance from John Bell of Widespread Panic.

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Hazy Malaze
Hazy Malaze’s blend of rock ‘n’ roll, blues and soul creates a hip-shakin’ groove. The band was born on the road, as Neal Casal (a formidable singer- songwriter with an excellent body of solo work), Jeff Hill (who’s worked with such artists as Rufus Wainwright) and Dan Fadel (formerly of Orlando, Florida’s Funky Kow) served as the backing combo for singer/songwriter Shannon McNally. During sound checks, the trio realized that there was something special happening. Upon returning from the road they recorded and mixed their debut CD in just 11 days. Fans of The Faces will find Hazy Malaze’s creation of freewheeling boozy blues-rock full of fun and big soulful guitars.

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Loose Fur
Wilco front man Jeff Tweedy, producer Jim O’Rourke, and drummer Glenn Kotche have become a supergroup called Loose Fur. We haven’t heard it yet – but how can you go wrong with this trio?

There is no single distinguishing element to hail here because this disc is powerful at all levels. However, to not state that Kathleen Edwards could possibly be the next most distinguishable female voice in the world of alt- country would be a sad error on our part. Her dry and breathy tone is emotionally organic, enriched with wisdom and sometimes frailty. She has a lyrical edge that seems beyond her age (let’s just say youngish) and is well supported by her roots-rock ensemble. Equaled with the top talent, Edwards has landed in a respectable position somewhere in between Lucinda and Ryan, possessing a power that commands both sides of the gender fence.

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That’s How I Walk
“On his sixth solo spin, Fearing (Blackie & the Rodeo Kings) comes off like a less smarmy James Taylor; his resonant vocals retain a gritty edge that prevents the pleasant tunes from taking on an artificial, Adult-Contemporary feel. That’s How I Walk opens with raw, stripped-down rootsy blues and moves toward gentle, folky ballads balanced by a few swaggering, upbeat acoustic foot-stompers. Multi-instrumentalists like Canuck roots-rock hero Colin Linden and Big Wreck’s Ian Thornley complement Fearing’s impressive guitar work on the well-written tunes. ”

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Ride Free EP
Los Angeles based Jonny Kaplan and the The Lazy Stars offer up a six-song EP that is loaded with what Kaplan calls “American Rock N Roll.” Kaplan’s ‘99 release California Heart, a more singer-songwriter oriented project than this rocker, was a MOM favorite and a MOJO Magazine pick of the month. Kaplan’s passionate country-rock collection draws heavily from Parsons, Richards, Dylan and Petty. He enlisted producer Dusty Wakeman (Lucinda Williams/Dwight Yoakum/Jim Lauderdale) and session musicians Don Heffington (Lone Justice/Bob Dylan) on drums, Doug Pettibone (Lucinda Williams) on pedal-steel and Skip Edwards (Dwight Yoakum) on keyboards, creating a hip-shakin’ good time.

Master and Everyone
“…the third record by Bonnie Prince Billy aka Will Oldham continues in the tradition of the previous two, this time slightly less accessible than its folkly predecessor “Ease on Down the Road” but slightly more personal for it. The album’s produced by Mark Nevers who’s played a big part in Lambchop’s previous recordings and who adds an even more off the wall flavour than Oldham is naturally capable of himself. Forget the “demo” label attached to Adams’ “Demolition” – this is what the “demo” sound is really like, however unappealing it sounds, and there’s not a mention of the word in the press release. Songs like “Ain’t You Wealthy, Ain’t You Wise?” and “Even if Love” are stripped down to their absolute bare minimum, with acoustic strings plucked and harmonies etched out so definitely that you can’t help but admire Oldham’s conviction with his material. Oldham’s lyrics are as startling as ever – his subject matter might be ultimately run of the mill, but his means of conveying it aren’t – wolves, war, wisdom – it’s all there. Short and to the point, it doesn’t distract at all from the beauty and honesty of the record…” Mark Whitfield –

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Certain Things Last EP
The San Francisco Bay Area is a hot-bed of Alt. Country talent these days. Proliferating the goodness of traditional, honky-tonk and alt. country are the likes of Court And Spark, The Bellyachers, Dave Gleason’s Wasted Days and Red Meat. Fairly new on the scene are Firecracker, who were previously know as Darling Clementines. The heartland roots-pop presented in this terrific 6- track introductory EP is flavored with sweeping Hammond organ, violin, terrific harmonies and lead singer Scout’s impassioned vocals. “Church Key” has a near cow-punk feel to it with its desperate lyrical plea for redemption. The majestic yet easy-going opener “Box Of Hearts” has adopted the mid-tempo roots feel that is about as American as Oasis is English.

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Living The Good Lie
Right on the heels of their self-titled release from 2002 comes Living The Good Lie. 12 new tracks mix driving country-rock and a mellow, reflective folk-rock sound. Guitarist Matt Reasor’s songs reveal a loneliness and rootlessness that is part of the common American experience. Dan Coakley’s dynamic, gritty and somewhat pained vocal delivery gives the songs a distant sadness. The record, however, culminates with One Life At A Time, where the narrator frees himself from life’s restraints and finds a way to go on with life.

Tell It Like It Isn’t
This EP is the second release on Chris Mills’ Powerless Pop Recorders label and collects 8 cover tunes he likes to perform regularly. Available up until recently only at his shows, we’re proud to offer you more from Chris so quickly after his terrific Silver Line release of 2002. Get ‘em while we got ‘em. Track Listing: Waiting For A Superman (Flaming Lips)/She’s Got A Problem (Fountains Of Wayne)/Psycho (Leon Payne/George Jones/Elvis Costello)/Brain Dead (Red Red Meat)/Safe And Sound (Hawksley Workman)/Louisville Lip (Freakwater)/Need It Just A Little (Fruit Bats)/Blue Moon (Big Star)

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If you liked the punchy, no-nonsense roots-rock of Florida’s Hangtown, then you’re sure to enjoy this solo disc from that band’s primary songwriting and singing force. Ted Lukas brings a power-pop sensibility into his southern flavored roots-rock and his Telecaster chimes on tracks like “Pretty Little Mess” and “Somehow Wonder”. The terrific “Nailed Down To The Floor” sounds like a youthfully pumped John Mellencamp on a bit of a Stones kick. Guitar heavy with edgy vocals, Distracted is a solid 10-track, 36 minute slice of rock that gets you in and takes you out before you knew what hit you.

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Freda And The Fire Dogs
While passing through Texas on her way to California, Marcia Ball made a pit stop in Austin for car repairs. That was in 1970. She still lives there. By 1972 she had found herself fronting a roots band that mined traditional country, boogie-woogie, blues, and rock and roll.”. After capturing the attention of Jerry Wexler, they were asked to record a demo for Atlantic Records. This recording is the result of three days with Wexler at the helm.

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Taylor Grocery Band
Named after the rural Lafayette County catfish restaurant in which they came together, The Taylor Grocery Band is comprised of banjoist/guitarist Tommy Bryan Ledford from the Kudzu Kings, along with Bassist Justin Showah and drummer Ted Gainey, both from Blue Mountain founder Cary Hudson’s group. The addition of Ed Dye on Dobro fills out the sound which is a mix of Delta folk- gospel, hootenanny skiffle, backporch folk and roots-rock. It’s the fun, spontaneous sound of several guys who saw a great opportunity in one of their favorite weekend hangouts. The TGB formed when Taylor Grocery’s new owner erected a small stage and the guys found an easy way to make beer money.

Night brings an eclectic mix of indie-soul and roots-pop from this Iowa City veteran who once fronted the terrific Dimestore Outfit. Their CD from 1996, Redemption, was a favorite here at Miles Of Music. At times sounding like a more nasally Mark Eitzel, others finding him with a deep twangy drawl, Jessen combines many different blends of Americana, mostly on the folk-rock and soul end, to fashion 11 distinct, minimally produced but well arranged songs. Sometimes moody with strings like the lush “Let The Night Be Long”, or flavored with Cajun accordion (“River”) or Memphis horns and Hammond organ (“Let It Go”), Night falls smoothly over the land and Tom Jessen finds his strength in it.

Please Turn The Gas Back On
The straight ahead dry, crunchy, roots-rock that explodes from this disc is honest and passionate. From lazy slow burners, sewn up with understated pedal-steel (“Girl Of My Dreams”), to dusty and driven mid-tempo rockers that remind you what a good tube-amp sounds like (“Found”), there is a width and breadth to their delivery. Songs like “Forget You (Try To)” bust out with the fervor of a classic Replacements rocker. Overall, a solid recording of what sounds like a rocking club band working out the dynamic highs and lows of their Ohio experience.

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Coming Back Around
“BEST OF 2002 …They’re propelled by rhythm guitarist Paul Kearnan’s jolting lead vocals and Mike Leavey’s sizzling lead guitar. Coming Back Around mixes up country, folk and rock with a revved up rootsy energy … This line alone from track nine shows you the kind of wonderful lyrics they deliver: “I have always felt like a song with a really great name/Catching everyone’s eye under the cellophane.” This upbeat, knockout song is “Good Things” and tells of how they come to those who wait. Coming Back Around is one of those good musical things we’ve all been waiting for.” -Tony Peyser, Santa Monica Mirror

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You Should Know By Now
Lorrie Matheson comes from the same wonderful Canadian roots-pop scene that brought us National Dust. In fact…tat ta da da…he was the primary singer and songwriter for that very band, whose two releases, Welcome To Utopia and Blind Luck…Ain’t No Luck At All, we were quite fond of around here. On You Should Know By Now, Matheson sports a sound that’s a little bit Cracker, a little bit Eels, a hint of Cheap Trick and a good deal full force roots-rock that’s hooky and catchy. With the help of Oh Susanna members Greg Johnston (bass) and Lyle Molzan (drums), both of whom co-produced this recording, and guitarist Stew Kirkwood, Matheson helps prove what “you should know by now.” That being that he’s one heck of songwriter. We knew it all along.

“Lol guys, you are the best ! ;)”

Singer/songwriter Nate Shrock and co. have been slow brewing their sophomore release with care and the final outcome proves worth the wait. Keeping in line with the same rootsy flavor of their self-titled debut, Transient maintains an honest, gritty country-rock attitude that is balanced by Nate’s smooth, relaxed vocals and Sara Cox’s urban twang. Credit goes to Sara for the inclusion of 3 tracks which were first introduced on her EP of 2001 entitled Firewater. Here they are presented with full arrangement. Guitarist Stephen B. Jones also has a couple of numbers in the mix giving this disc a nice group effort feel. Speaking of group effort, this Portland, Maine based band is powerfully assisted by drummer Ken Coomer (Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, Swag) and bass player Roger Gupton (The Backsliders).

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What Was I Thinking?
Good time roadhouse country-rock, singer/songwriter folk, traditional country and even hints of Cajun flavoring can all be found on What Was I Thinkin’? Apparently band leader Skip Bethune and co. were thinking of having a good time, as they did on their ’99 debut Tornados And Trailers. This disc features the slide Dobro work of Curtis Burch (Newgrass Revival, Dan Crary, Pat Haney), pedal-steel from Mike Daly (Caitlin Cary, Alejandro Escovedo, Whiskeytown, Pernice Brothers), bassist Lorne Rall (Robbie Fulks, Phil Lee, Lonesome Bob) and pianist Eric Holt (Mavericks, Lonesome Bob, Duane Jarvis). It looks like a super-group with that line-up and it is a super disc for sure.

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All Independent Music

Today our guests are “All Independent Music”.

Down here you will met with them.

All Independent Music no longer manages the world’s largest webring that focuses on independent music and the independent arts. The new ring master is Chris Piedmonte who can be reached at [email protected] We still recommend joining the indiering at

About us:

All Independent Music sells independent music CD’s by independent bands and artists in our Magento theme Milano on consigment with no set-up fees or monthly charges so we are 100% free to the bands. We don’t make the bands sign an exclusive contract so they retain 100% freedom. We don’t make any judgements about the CD’s that we accept because we believe the music consumer can choose something to fit their own tastes without the established music industry cramming the same songs into their ears through the radio. Some features of our site include the following:

  • Feature – Easy to navigate. The site is layed out in a simple and logical fashion. No useless java or large picture downloads.
  • Benefit – Convenient and allows visitors to view more of our site without having to wait.
  • Feature – Each compact disc has two sample tracks in Real Audio Format.
  • Benefit – Fast (almost instantaneous) download time. Listen before you buy.
  • Feature – Each band gets a full page.
  • Benefit – Learn more about the band, see a picture, songlist, etc.
  • Feature – Hazel brand shopping cart software.
  • Benefit – Easy order capability with instant e-mail confirmation.
  • Feature – We accept credit card orders with Cybercash software.
  • Benefit – Most convenient way to buy music on-line.
  • Feature – Secure server software.
  • Benefit – Safety through advanced encryption technology.

Selling with our Magento theme – Milano

Independent music, in general, has a tough time selling on the net because most people are not willing to buy a disc after just listening to a couple of sample tracks. They need to hear it over and over on a top 40 station. But that’s corporate music – that’s not All Independent Music. The large corporations just don’t have the money or the resources to find and promote all of the best music. A lot of the talent out there goes un-noticed even though much of it is as good or better than many signed bands. All Independent Music’s goal is to present as much of this un-tapped talent as possible to the music consumer, on the internet, for the benefit of both the struggling independent bands as well as the music consumer. Any comments, questions or suggestions?

Security Information:

All Independent Music accepts secure credit card orders via CyberCash’s secure e-commerce payment technology. Our site runs on a Stronghold secure server with the highest level of electronic encryption technology. Our digital certificate (required to run on a secure server) is registered with Thawte. To take advantage of this secure technology, simply hit the “secure” button on the order page. If you are using Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, then a locked padlock should appear in your tool bar when you are on a secure page and the url will start with “https”.

It is commonly reported that someone wanting to steal a credit card number off of a secure net transaction would need a super computer and about 30 days time to break 128 bit encryption – not even the government (within reason) can steal your credit card number. It would be much easier for someone to take a part-time job as a waiter and copy numbers when they sneak off to process your payment than to steal numbers from the internet. (Not to worry anyone :-)) Secure e-commerce has truly arrived and All Independent Music has taken every effort to see that our visitor’s personal information will remain confidential.

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Who are WIMNN and what they do? 

First – we would like to thank you for creating our website with the best Magento theme.

Member Services features a variety of options to support you in your career or business. You can enroll in these services by selecting your choice from the menu to the left.

All service enrollments require your WIMNN membership ID# to sign up.
Services are available based on your membership option.

Business Card Listing
Silver/Gold/Platinum Membership

Our business card listing allows you to list your individual or business information in our network directory.

Business Card Plus Listing
Gold/Platinum Membership

The business card plus service allows you to add a logo or photo to your business card listing

CD Compilation Project
Silver/Gold/Platinum Membership

Our annual CD compilation project provides an avenue for your songs and vocal talents to receive recognition.

Gold/Platinum Membership

Classifieds will become part of our monthly newsletter. Do you have a music related item or service to sell? Use the Classifieds to place an Ad that will be viewed by thousands.

CD Sales
Gold/Platinum Membership

WIMNN’s CD sales provides you with a method of distribution for your CD. You can also accept credit cards and checks for payment.

Coming Soon! – Digital Downloads

Gig/Tour Listing
Gold/Platinum Membership

List your gig or tour dates in with our Gig/Tour listing to increase the visibility of your event and attract a larger audience.

Mentoring Program
Silver/Gold/Platinum Membership

The Mentor Program partners women with experienced industry professionals to help them strengthen their business skills. Participants will have the opportunity to develop a business and vision plan as they work with a Mentor.

Vision Book
Silver/Gold/Platinum Membership

Our Vision Book provides a process for creating your vision and steps for making it a reality.

Tell us about your Business Service ?

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Platinum Membership

WIMNN’s business service for Platinum membership offers banner ads, promotions, business profiles to help you attract more customers and bring visibility to your business. Access our Business Service page from the menu.
LinkedIn Networking Services
Silver/Gold/Platinum Membership

LinkedIn is a networking service that will help
you discover inside connections, industry experts and business partners. It has become the networking tool
of choice for over 1.9 million professionals worldwide
because it is effective, private and time-efficient. WIMNN offers a customized service just for our members. It
works by leveraging the theory of six degrees of separation, allowing members to tap into the existing affiliations of other music professionals.

Basic/Silver/Gold/Platinum Membership

WIMNN sends out a monthly newsletter via email that contains music, industry and organization news information.

Email Service
Basic/Silver/Gold/Platinum Membership

Our full featured email service includes includes 6MB of free storage customized stationary, address book, and unlimited attachment size. You can send and receive email anywhere using all major browsers.

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Latin music

Tell us something about latin music and your school ?

First of all we would like to thank you for building our website in one of the best Magento themes.

Explore The World of Latin Music

Explore the universal language of Latin music. REGISTER NOW for our Latin Music History On-Line course. This interactive course is designed by musician Bobby Ramirez offering an intensive overview on the evolution of contemporary Latin music covering over 100 years from the late 1800s to the present.

Whether you’re a music student or a Latin music fan, this course will enhence your understanding and appreciation for Latin music.

Course highlights include:


Learn about some of the legends of Latin music–including Tito Puente, Mongo Santamaria, Machito and his Afro-Cubans, Chico O’Farrill, Dizzy Gillespie, Mario Bauza, Antonio Carlos Jobim, more…


How did Latin music evolve into the popular sound that is heard today? Where did it come from?


Highlight some of the more essential instruments use in the creation of Latin music.


Listen to some essential recordings that defined a sound, time and place in contemporary Latin music history.


Become familiar with the music of many Latin America and the Caribbean: Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuban, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, and others.


Learn about the clave rhythm which forms the basic building blocks of what is known as Salsa


Learn about the many diferent Latin styles of music–including: salsa, Latin Jazz, Afro-Cuban Jazz, Cubop, Cumbia, Samba, Bosa Nova, and many others


Sign up for the Latin music history course and receive our educational “Tour of Latin America” CD collection featuring music from most countries in Central/South America and the Caribbean, plus two bonus Latin Jazz compillation CDs as well as Bobby Ramirez’s Latin Jazz CD entitled “Pan Con Bistec.”

NOTE: This course requires the participant to allocate about 2-3 hours per week to read, listen to recordings and write short essays.

Again, many thanks for your Magento theme and the beautiful site that you have build!

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